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Review of St. Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri

A review of St. Louis University in St. Louis Missouri has to include serious notice of its Catholic and Jesuit traditions. Religion is not all that is taught here but it certainly provides the framework and the atmosphere within which academics, athletics, and student life function. A review of St. Louis University in St. Louis , Missouri will also reveal a mid to large size college that has the capacity to meet the needs and address the interests of college men and women from all over the this country and beyond.

Catholic and Jesuit, for sure. The first Catholic University in the U. S. was not St. Louis University, it was Georgetown in Washington, D. C. But St. Louis did make its mark as the second Jesuit College in the U. S. and even today one of the shining lights among some 28 Jesuit oriented schools. As a Catholic school in stood out from the time of its founding in 1818 because St. Louis University, St. Louis Missouri, was the first college to set up shop west of the Mississippi. Just as St. Louis became a jumping off point for the great westward migration in the U. S., St. Louis University marked the arrival of professionally led higher education in the in what was then considered the West. Today it is school of approximately 7,000 undergraduates which continues to hold a special place in the midst of the heartland city of St. Louis, Missouri and retains to this day its Catholic and Jesuit roots.

Saintly Surroundings? Those who are fortunate enough to be admitted to St. Louis University will discover that though they are attending a school that draws a sizable Catholic student population, the University is not limited to Catholics or for that matter to Christians. It is open and welcoming to the full diversity of students looking for quality education. Students also discover that attending St. Louis University means putting oneself in a great spot to really enjoy the life of the city. The college is located in what is thought of as the arts district of St. Louis. Students find themselves just 5 minutes from the impressive Gateway Arch and from the St. Louis Riverfront. One can connect not just with city life here but also with the history of this country and the crossroads of people's lives as they made their way westward.

There are plenty of things to do in the City of St. Louis. For sports lovers you can find professional level sports year round. You have your choice of museums, parks, great eateries and you will also discover that St. Louis, after New Orleans, is the place to celebrate Mardi Gras. If you enjoy city living, a review of St. Louis University, in St. Louis may convince you that this city is a great place to explore and perhaps live for 4 years.

All the diversity you want in a college. Of course you won't have to leave the environs of St. Louis University behind to feel that you are part of a metropolitan center. This is a school that revels in its own diversity. On campus are students representative of all 50 states and some 80 foreign countries. St. Louis University is far from being a one dimensional educational choices. In all, the school will present you with 80 choices of potential majors from which to choose.

There is plenty of first class college athletics here too. Sixteen sports are offered to underclassmen interested in intercollegiate varsity competition at the NCAA Division I level. At the Simon Recreation Center you can find intramurals and club sports to keep you fit and trim without becoming involved in varsity athletics.

Don't care for sports? That's not a problem if you have 170 other activities from which to choose on the St. Louis Campus. Your choices are spread out across the whole spectrum of student interest. You can join a fraternity or sorority, immerse yourself in campus ministry, chose a service organization or get involved with a group of students who enjoy the same hobby or interest as you. And of course you are welcome to develop a new organization if you see the need.

But how good is it really. For students who are searching for a medium sized college, located in a medium sized city , that has a solid Catholic-Jesuit tradition but welcomes all and offers a diversity laden educational product , St. Louis may represent the end of your search. But before you make up your mind its perfectly natural to want to know what others are thinking about your choice. Not just Mom and Dad and your friends, but what do professionals think about the quality of your choice, St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri.

According to U. S. News and World Report, St. Louis University is considered one of the top 5 Catholic Colleges in the Country and it is also ranked at 82 out of 262 of the best colleges in the nation. Special recognition was given to the programs offered in engineering and in business. Consumer's Digest saw St. Louis University as #15 among the top 25 best values among private colleges. And the young men and women who go to St. Louis University consider it a place that offers a values centered education and a "close knit and active campus". There's just not a lot of negatives when you review St. Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri. If you want to info about dissertation service click this link.